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End of Year Report 2016

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    End of Year Report 2016

    Hello Goaters!

    The end of 2016 is upon us. in terms of famous people it has been a year most will want to put behind them as Barch has worked his way down his 2016 death list to ensure a solid victory (I was robbed). It has also been an extraordinary year in Politics with, on both sides of the Atlantic, some unexpected results perhaps redefining the landscape and causing many a professional politico to question their job security and tack in terms of direction. All in all quite an unsettling time for many...

    One constant is the Goat. With less than 2-3 outages in the past 12 months that were dealt with within 24 hours or far less in each occasion the Tech Team can now confidently call this 24/7/365 platform stable. We have worked with the ISP to ensure we are on the right deal with the right support and feedback to make informed decisions to benefit you all.

    Membership has risen steadily (around 50 a month on average) although the number of posts per day has fallen slightly over the 12 month period. We have learned that this is the case sometimes...we don't always have anything worth saying!

    Financially this is what I wrote 365 days ago:

    End of year wealth stands at:
    Bank account- 440 (money from Adsense)
    Adsense - 80 (money waiting to go across automatically from Adsense)
    PayPal- 30 (subs/donations since Oct 15)
    Total - 550

    Forecast income up to Oct 16 when server fees due:
    Adsense -675
    Sub/donations - a further 100

    The 2017 End of Year Wealth Report is as follows:

    Bank account 455.30
    Adsense 57.30
    Paypal 420.73
    Total - 933.33

    Outgoings were:
    750 for server fees
    200 charity donation to 'PTSD Resolution'

    As you can see we have been successful in steadying the ship in terms of funding and achieved the goal of getting back into helping service charities albeit in a small way this year. It is your donations, subscription and use of the site that have generated this position so we as a team thank you all for it!

    I have always wanted to have next years server fees in the bank just after we have paid this years and that is now achieved. This gives us real security and stability.

    Keep posting, tell your friends about us, donate, subscribe just 5 a year to keep the support going and we will turn that around into a better Goat that supports charity more and more. The Goat is there as your place to chat, debate and be around people with a vested interest in the RAF...Make sure you use it!

    On behalf of the Goat Mod and Tech teams I wish you all a Happy New Year. May it bring you all that you want.


    The Goat lives because you post interesting stuff...stop doing that and it will show us your stuff!!

    Cheers mate. Keep on keepin' on and all the best to everybody for 2017.
    Those of you who think you know everything are really annoying to those of us who do.


      Thanks to the Admin (and Vim).

      Happy NY to all readers...
      It all started with nothing, then it exploded.


        Thanks Vim, and if you're ever considering adding to the service charity list, the AWACS memorial display at CON looks in need of a good scrub down to remove the algae.