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Sport is good for you?

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    Sport is good for you?

    So now Andy Murray is retiring under long term built injury does this mean that sport is not actually good for you.

    Loads of people I know all have busted knees and other sports related injuries. Those of us that refused to play football etc during our careers all seem to be in much better shape in later life.

    A bit of cardio now and again has the obvious proven benefits but where to draw the line?

    Originally posted by Cornish_Pikey View Post
    So now Andy Murray is retiring under long term built injury does this mean that sport is not actually good for you. Loads of people I know all have busted knees and other sports related injuries.
    I was a bit of a sport billy back in the day station level cricket, volleyball, hockey, golf, social level squash, badminton plus any CO's cup stuff going on. I have had in my sporty days a broken ankle and wrist (not at the same time), a few dislocated fingers and the usual bumps and bruises. Today I have a long standing lower back issue that requires weekly Physio, right knee and right elbow need to be strapped up to play badminton. Body slowly rebelling at the excesses of youth. But would I change my sporting life not at all I enjoyed it. Plus the added advantage of nearly 20 years of Wednesday afternoons.
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      I managed my RAF career without being a sport billy. I did pass fitness tests once introduced by a bit of running and swimming to keep fit.
      Us beer drinking bratty munching techies managed in the cold war!!
      No fitness tests then!
      I was young and single on my first tour (Wildenrath, Harrier Force). Could not cope with that lifestyle now! There were some porky people about in those days!

      Seen lots of broken sporty types in my time, often wonder what will happen to them in older age.
      Retired and no wish to return to work! Too busy traveling!


        Did a lot of sporty stuff and Iím feeling it today, the only thing that knackered me up was having to run fast and stop to pass the RAFT, could run for miles but as soon as they added start, stop, twist and start again, my lower joints gave up and I canít run at all now.

        Off snowboarding next month, itíll hurt all week and the week after, however, on reflection and knowing what I know now Iíd probably still do most of the things I did again, although I might miss out the parachuting.

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          Must admit enjoyed the old Ruggers for the station and doing five a side and still have the energy to run BFT 1 1/2 run. But like previous mention the Blip test done it for me on my last days. Took up cycle mainly for work in divvy street ideal solution for when no trains running on nightshift then. Now just lounge and walk to the papershop several hundred yards away.


            Being sporty didn't do Bruce Lee any favours...


              I played rugby at a decent level till 37 and cricket until 46...I have all the aches and pains you would expect from such activities but still retain my own knees and hips and would not change any aspect of my sporting history aside from probably trying to attain a higher level and not making beer the highest priority with hindsight.

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                Over many of my Service years I played a bit of Squash with mates, did a little windsurfing and even less skiing. I never passed the Swinderby and Halton Running tests, though when they were introduced I managed all the Beep tests thrown in my way and, by the time I left I was reduced to the resistance-less bike ride and Wallet Lift.
                In all that time I rode a bike to and from work whenever I could - Avenwedde to Gutersloh for instance.
                In All that time I only entered one windsurfing race (in FI) and I didnt come last. Somewhere along the line I picked up a Stn Hockey Finals Shield...Odiham, I think.

                Since leaving the RAF I have taken up Cycling more seriously and completed the odd Sportive to 100-mile status. My knees Hips and elbows feel perfect. Last year I had a Heart Attack at the start of a Practice ride for another 100-miler and I carried on for the whole 20 miles of that ride. When I was finally hospitalised, the surgeon said that my fitness levels carried me through that ordeal.

                Some fitness helps - though not necessarily to Gym Queen / Competition levels.
                ...looked alright to me!


                  We had guys at Swinderby that couldn't do the 1.5 mile run in under 11 minutes and got back flighted because of it. I think we lost 12 out of 50 due to that. Maybe some got kicked out too. I played a lot of squash when younger and took up Rugby whilst in the RAF. I managed to break my hand and my ears nearly 'fell off' (second row), so I had to stop as I was constantly injured and in bits most of the time, playing twice a week. I later broke my elbow playing football, and that's never been right and I can't straighten my arm even now. I always passed my fitness tests quite easily though.

                  When I was down the FI in 2007 I was with an Army unit and we, the RAF, had to do compulsory phys with them 2 or 3 times a week (funnily enough the Navy bods managed to avoid that). I've never been as fit in my life - when I got to the end of the det, my uniform was hanging off me, helped that I laid off the booze for 4 months too though, but back then I was still smoking 40 a day haha.

                  Now I'm a ciivy, I don't do much exercise tbh. I think it's all the times I was made to do stuff in the RAF that has put me off for life lol.