View Full Version : MP's get Medals

11-02-2010, 20:07
Apparently, MPs are gaining medals for popping over to Iraq and Afgahnistan.


If oyu think they should perhaps stay a bit longer to earn them the link is above.

11-02-2010, 20:54
As it is they get a nice salary, $hit loads of holidays and other freebies, a very nice golden parachute and pension for life and, to cap, it all they even make up what they can claim on expenses.

If the poncing, scrounging, lying cnut$ want medals they should join up and do the job instead of spending tax payers cash on pi$$ ups and posh houses.

Rant Over


MeRlIn HaTeR
11-02-2010, 21:28
Short summary: It's an Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme (AFPS) medal awarded to MPs who have been involved - voluntarily - with HM Forces for 10+ years. Each year they must 'be involved' for at least 22 days a year, and to date only 10 have been awarded. They are commemorative and not military awards, and as such are worn on the right breast, if at all, but not intended for parades such as Remembrance Day.

The entire newspaper article this petition is based on was part of someone's campaign ready for the election, now IF they were handing out OSM's it would be different!