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24-09-2008, 18:50
Readers may recall that there was a petition to set up a Military Hospital.

I got this today:-


by way of reply.

24-09-2008, 18:54
whoever wrote that reply is living in cloud cuckoo land grrr:PDT_Xtremez_25:

24-09-2008, 19:13
I kind of agree with the stance to be honest...Now if we had dozens of wounded coming through every day then I would once again lean towards the stand alone pure mil facility but as it is we have Selly Oak in Birmingham that is surrounded by 5 IIRC substantial other hospitals all with some of the best surgeons in the country with bags of experience in gunshot wounds and trauma...

We discussed this at length on another thread that advertised this petition so seek it out for a more protracted explanation...

And the above came from the horses mouth also so to speak as in the blokes who run the RCDM welfar fund in Birmingham...chatting to them certainly dispelled a few myths...

24-09-2008, 19:17
whoever wrote that reply is living in cloud cuckoo land grrr:PDT_Xtremez_25:

Shouty, the system we have is far from perfect only a fool would pretend it is but having visited Selly Oak and spoken with the people there actually responsible for treating the wounded I am fairly satisfied that what the RCDMS provides is the best solution available.

Within 20 minutes drive they have access to some of the best consultants and treatments available in several if not all disciplines. Just not possible to provide in a military hospital purely on scale alone. Birmingham has sufficient specialists to treat about 10 million people so every eventuality is covered.

As I said when the petition was doing the rounds gut instict said sign it, research and speaking to those good folk in Brum however convinced me not to.

24-09-2008, 19:19
Well, I signed up because I'd not seen the Goat's input at the time.

24-09-2008, 21:37
It the principal why I signed it and I stand by it, we dont have to have a monstrously large hospital just for us. Why cant they build a smaller scale version in the grounds of a hospital that then keeps us seperate from the baying public, this will help protect peoples dignity and aid recovery. There wont be any hassle over spaces and the hospital can then used as an over flow should we have a particularly bad month. When not in such demand the hospital can have free use of the building for thier overflow capacity. sure some problems may arise from both sides but this would negate the need for a full scale isolated military hospital, those consultants would still be at hand aswell. My gripe though is the lack of forsight (war usually means injuries and deaths, no shots fired my ar5e) and the resistance to improve the shoddy facilities we had. As ever the nurses etc do a fantastic job especially with the resources they are given.

24-09-2008, 21:55
The business of the baying public is very exagerated by the red top tabloids. In reality what you describe is pretty much what we have Tubby. The rehab at Hedley court of course compliments the set up.

I agree though that we are having to fight every inch for every little bolt onwhich is why we have our pint n pizza campaigns

24-09-2008, 23:10
I know things have improved, exageration is of course the red tops art and if that is how similar it is to a viable solution then even better but with these thieving scum bags you have to bid for a wharehouse before they'll offer a cupboard (sh!t analagy i know). So although it usually makes c0ck all difference it can still brings it to their attention.