View Full Version : Married accomodation

08-06-2006, 18:50
Just a quick question really, to get the ball rolling!

The Married Qtrs on RAF Uxbridge, are they selling these off? I heard a little rumour a few years back and its still on going.

Also, the off site married Qtrs, will that still stay? I am talking about Keith park road, the block of flats are being used for the Brunel university accomodation up until 2007, I think.

windy millar's luv child
30-07-2007, 15:09
What is the accom like at Uxbridge? Is it ok or is there any other places I should look at? If you have 250 k to spend can ya get a decent house in area or would you have to go futher out?

30-07-2007, 16:35
Annington homes is your answer. The web page will give you all the info you require on surplus quarters that are coming up for sale in the UK. Unlike normal sale the quarters are always carpeted and re-floored prior to sale.