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  1. GR4 Sqn to be axed
  2. Redundancies?
  3. The SDSR 2010
  4. Ideas on Monday P45 on Tuesday. Whoopee it's SDSR
  5. Scale of defense cuts..
  6. Lossie and Kinloss look set to close
  7. MRA4 cancelled and Kinloss to shut...
  8. Aircraft Carriers
  9. Commons Press Release.
  10. The full paper
  11. RAF job cuts
  12. Positives of SDSR
  13. Cott/Witt Future?
  14. Support Helicopters
  15. any ideas where raf will cut 5000 from???? Please let it be me!!!!!!
  16. New Harrier replacement ?
  17. Compulsory Redundancy Programme
  18. Signing on worry!!!
  19. Tornado Mafia revealed!
  20. Lossie to close in 2011?
  21. Is it time for the RAF to have US style Home guard squadrons?
  22. redundancy payouts!!!!
  23. House prices
  24. ATC post SDSR
  25. Who needs fast jets???
  26. drawdown effect on promotion
  27. Marham or Lossie - You Decide!
  28. Postings as a result of the SDSR cuts
  29. How to run a Military Procurement System
  30. Anyone heard anything about Fairford?
  31. STV News
  32. Reduction in NATO posts?
  33. Leuchars postings cancelled?
  34. Disband E-3 AWACS at Waddington and join NATO at Geilenkirchen
  35. Allowances to be cut by 25%
  36. Early retirement
  37. Typhoon to go upto 135% manning
  38. Redundancy Package details for AFPS 05?
  39. AMM's to be hit hardest
  40. 1000 redundancies in Tranche 1
  41. Pensions and the Armed Forces - RPI to CPI
  42. Redundancy/Remustering rumours
  43. It might not be finished yet....
  44. Redundancy
  45. Will the twisted sock brigade lose out in the redundancies?
  46. RAF Redundancies
  47. SDSR again!
  48. How prepared are you?
  49. More possible cutbacks
  50. Nimrod scandal part deux
  51. SDSR and Rank
  52. Loa
  53. NCA offer to remuster
  54. Ibn 01-11 redundancy programme – raf personnel
  55. Any rumours about what camps are to close/ stay open?
  56. Another Knock-On from SDSR
  57. Afprb 2011
  58. CEA- Survey, nothing decided yet?
  59. RAF to lose 25% of it's trainee pilots
  60. Thanks, now get your coat
  61. New info to be released today?
  62. Med downgrades - bye bye
  63. Pilot Trg Cuts and FIs
  64. Changes to pension Tax Relief
  65. Kinloss going which camps next?
  66. Cuts could cost RAF its fleet of Tornados, Sunday 20th Feb Guardian
  67. Redundancy query
  68. Redundancy
  69. Hangar floor --> Classroom floor?
  70. 14 Sqn Crusaders to go!!
  71. Promotion and redundancy
  72. Redundancy question - LOS lower limit.
  73. RAF Photographers
  74. OOA push?
  75. Time to leave??
  76. Hutton report question
  77. Rumour Has it
  78. Redundancy! Have you applied?
  79. Further Service: 9-12 & 12-15 years...
  80. When your time's up
  81. AMM redundancies have been stopped.
  82. Guide to adapting to civvy workplace
  83. Next Job?
  84. RAF still recruiting Musicians
  85. SDSR New LOA rates for Cyprus
  86. Any thoughts...?
  87. Anybody noticed............
  88. Notices already?
  89. Lewis Page's Verdict on Libya
  90. Failed Application for Extension of Service
  91. Redundancy Q..
  92. CEA Removed
  93. Libya forces David Cameron to rethink defence cuts
  94. Im Pooped peeps!!!
  95. RAF chief’s son is spared in job cuts.
  96. Aircraft carrier costs rise
  97. Redundancy Uptake!
  98. Redundancy Boards
  99. Points system for Redundancy
  100. Boost TA reservists
  101. RAF to get Boeing P-8 due to Nimrod blunder?
  102. Base Closure Annoucement
  103. Harriers to be sold to the spams
  104. More cuts to come
  105. MoD top brass to be slimmed down in defence shake-up
  106. Navy, Army & RAF to be merged
  107. Technical training move?
  108. Someone's having a joke
  109. Redundancy delayed...?
  110. Manpower cuts, how come there's no accommodation?
  111. Tranche 1
  112. Same old...same old
  113. 19 (R) Squardron
  114. Leuchars ownership
  115. retrieving lost certificates
  116. OOA Redundancy / Redudnancy on ops
  117. Redundancy Backpedal
  118. Redundant!!!!
  119. Redundancy appeals
  120. Is it too late to change SDSR?
  121. Tranche 2
  122. Senior officer cull
  123. A fitting end for HMS Ark Royal?
  124. Early Redundncy Payout?
  125. Tranche 2
  126. Son of SDSR anyone?
  127. Does anyone else think that tranche 2 will be SAC Av heavy?
  128. Not in Tranche 2 so I have PVR'd!!
  129. Redundancy procedure questions.
  130. Redundancy Shock!
  131. How many AV cpls eligible?
  132. More civil servants to go
  133. Where's my P45
  134. Redundancy Points
  135. Lockheed Martin propose a new C-130 Sea Hercules variant for Maritime Patrol
  136. Fairwell to all Tranche 1 redundees
  137. Anyone got their redundancy money yet?
  138. 12th of June coming soon
  139. 12th June - DIN/Criteria?
  140. Opting out of Reserve and Recall Liability
  141. Tranche 2 - The RESULTS
  142. The E Goat Career Info Thread
  143. So how many Zobs lost their jobs today?
  144. Land of Milk and Honey
  145. New pension - rumour heard today
  146. Tranche 1 Redundancies
  147. NEWS-More than half of personell say they'd quit the RAF
  148. UAVs - have a guess how many we operate?
  149. JPAC and redundancies......
  150. Redundancy/PVR
  151. Labour call for SDSR review in the wake of recent events in Africa,
  152. You don't get Special Forces powder and just add water ...
  153. Has the worm turned?
  154. Gibson's Dog saved for posterity
  155. SDSR Airfield Closures
  156. The American Drawdown
  157. Lossie tonkas to go?
  158. I guess they went too far then.....?
  159. Tranche 2 redundees... last possible day in service... done!
  160. How the Americans sort it out....
  161. Soldiers rescue recruiting fiasco..
  162. The Veterans’ Transition Review - Ashcroft report
  163. Tornado -2030
  164. Lone working
  165. JHC, a positive for a career or a negative?
  166. PVR min waiting times
  167. Sdsr 15
  168. Danger!
  169. SDSR announced in the Queens speech
  170. Scrap the RAF...AGAIN (Yawn!)
  171. Further reduction in UK defence spending, dropping beneath 2% of GDP
  172. MoD 'insults defence experts with sham 200 word consultation'
  173. RAF squadrons will double to face Isis and Russian threat
  174. Protestors Inbound
  175. Chivenor Seakings Get Another Week
  176. Trident and Putin
  177. SDSR15 - Sunday reading
  178. Loss of RnR for 6 month detachments
  179. Petition to Abolish the AFPRB
  180. reservists do not feel valued by full-time servicemen defence secretary admits
  181. Veterans with mental health problems need our help
  182. NI Increases
  183. NEM - A Personal View
  184. Valley contract agreed
  185. F35 Squadrons
  186. Admiral Sir George Parr gets a grilling about new carriers & F35s
  187. The Future Accommodation Model
  188. British Army now has less than 80,000 regular troops
  189. Core Meal Price Increase
  190. Royal Navy to lose missiles and be left only with guns
  191. UK and France finally strikes weapons deal after FIVE YEAR delay
  192. Russian subs lurk in British waters sparking major hunt
  193. RAF and RN pilots are putting the F-35B hrough its paces in the Pacific.
  194. Army with fewer Infantry Soldiers than killed on the first day of the Somme Battle
  195. Seems a bit desperate to me.
  196. We are not sailing
  197. MoD ‘begging’ ex-sailors to join crews for new carriers claims national report
  198. Early Gratuity/ lump sum with a ROS
  199. New Joiner Offer and Survey
  200. Intelligence Corps and Royal Signals to be amalgamated
  201. US Commander: British Army 'Not Big Enough'
  202. British Troops Could 'Opt Out' Of Operations
  203. Sweden and Finland join UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force
  204. Block 5 MQ-9 Reaper debuts in combat
  205. Last tune for the band?
  206. New Deepcut inquest
  207. Defence Cuts And An Uncertain Future. Have Your Say.
  208. Armed Forces face 'completely unacceptable' delay to pay rise
  209. Does the UK need a new Strategic Defence and Security Review?
  210. Cuts now to deep
  211. F35 getting cheaper
  212. MoD to launch defence review that will be completed by summer 2018
  213. ‘Serious deficiencies’ in the quantities of armour available to the British Army
  214. Fake tanks or fake news?
  215. Marshall's on the move