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  1. Email your MP - Social Housing for Ex Servicemen
  2. 10 Downing Street Petition
  3. Petitions to the PM...
  4. Nick Lock e-petition
  5. Save Kemble airfield
  6. Petition for Forces Hospitals
  7. SSAFA House in Ashted
  8. HM Forces- The Broken Covenant
  9. Prime Ministers e-Petition - Dedicated Military Hospital
  10. Too British?? WTF!!
  11. Petition to wavier charges on forces charities fundraising on Defence Estate land
  12. Petition - Drink Driving Bans
  13. Rememberance Day Petiton
  14. Bomber Command Memorial
  15. Humanitarian Demining Medal - Petition
  16. National Remembrance Holiday
  17. Anger at MoDís £6m on parties
  18. Royal Tournament Petition
  19. Petition to stop cuts in Defence spending
  20. silver jubilee medal
  21. Support the Vulcan Petition
  22. Petition for Sir Keith Park
  23. State Funeral for the Last Tommy.
  24. bank holiday petition
  25. Service personnel command paper
  26. KIA petition
  27. Servicemen's last journey petition.
  28. Award the GSM for personnel deployed supporting live ops
  29. Fair pay and compensation petition
  30. Fuel Duty
  31. want to stop your MP voting him/herself £23000 of unaccountable expenses?
  32. Car Tax Petition
  33. Armed Forces Memorial - YOUR VOTE IS NEEDED
  34. Pay Rise Petition
  35. Petition for Military Hospital (3 seperate threads merged)
  36. Silver/Gold Jubilee Medals
  37. That military Hospital Petition:
  38. prosecute knife thugs E-Petition
  39. The Gurkha Justice Campaign
  40. Thank Wootton Bassett-e petition
  41. Please support an injured bootneck
  42. Housing Association to be subject to FOI
  43. Pension petition
  44. Petition for wage decrease
  45. Petition to stop airmen from getting married until their five year point
  46. Petition to make Mil Pensions Tax Free.
  47. MOD90 to be National ID
  48. Gordon Brown - 'Please Go'
  49. Nurse Haywood
  50. No 10 patitions
  51. Not reccommended
  52. thirty-eight degrees
  53. ROCA Veterans
  54. ROCA Veterans
  55. Empty Plinth
  56. Help needed (Quickly)
  57. Stolen from ARRSE but worth support
  58. MP's get Medals
  59. MOD being cheap AGAIN
  60. Petition of Soldiers Pensions.
  61. RAF Marham e-petition
  62. Rank and Pension of Soldiers Killed on Active Service
  63. RAF Lossiemouth E-Petition
  64. Pension e-petition
  65. Diamond Jubilee Medal ?
  66. In support of the Air Ambulance Service
  67. Unpensionables
  68. Veteran's ID card - E-Petition
  69. Petition for Blood bikes to be exempt from fuel duty
  70. Please consider signing
  71. Simon Weston Knighthood Petition
  72. Dental support for veterans
  73. Battle of Britain chapel faces fight for survival
  74. Gov Petition Please Read and sign
  75. All teaching staff to learn about the Autistic Spectrum
  76. RAF Service requirements to use the crest
  77. Members of Parliament for or our Armed Forces
  78. Petition to make our Pensions Tax Free like other public services.
  79. Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.