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  1. When is LOA paid?

    Say for instance you were rtb the UK on a big slow pig when it goes totties up....leaving you at a foreign base, do you get to claim LOA? A while back coming through Bloodhound I found LOA had been paid to me, and the food there was free, plus I could make a call and the laundry was free.
    If I make a call from here I pay, so I wonder if LOA can be claimed. The place definitely doesn't come under op bonus schemes.

  2. I thought LOA was only paid if you are posted over seas, are you sure it isn't still covered by LSA? Payment of LOA starts when you arrive at your overseas unit and I think it ends when you clear from your unit.

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    LOA can be paid for detachments but at a lower rate.

    Does the country have an LOA rate?
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    Are you saying you were paid LOA for your time at bloodhound or the tour preceding it? I don't understand why you would have been paid LOA in either case - as far as i'm aware LOA is only for postings of 6 months or more. Most only get it in their paycheck after spending a minimum of a month in the qualifying area. Could be wrong though.
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    LOA for a short detachment is paid at about 2 thirds of permanent rate. Do be aware, however that you will lose any other allowances you normally get for the period you are away. If you normally claim HTD and/or GYH you will lose both, therefore, if you daily commute a long distance to/from home each day or have a permanent residence a fair distance from work, you would receive less if you bothered claiming.



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