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    AWOL Guest

    4626 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron RAuxAF

    Can anyone tell me a bit about this unit and what there are like, especially what area they recruit from.


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    Basically made up of, medics, nurses docs and support staff they are based out of Lyneham. PM Oracle or Crabmabb as both of them are at Lyneham and may have more info

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  3. The "normal" recuitment radius for RAuxAF Squadrons is 50 mile radius - but that rule can be well bent for specialist Sqns and/or specialist skills.

    You can have a look at the basic info on

    No direct experience of the sqn, apart from being a satisfied customer in 2003

  4. Also keen on recruiting state registered paramedics now. Can't imagine where they'll be going.

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    supergirl Guest
    They have open weekends which is your best bet. They are obligation free and tell you all about the activities of the sqn. The sqn you mentioned had an open day on the 17th Nov.

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    enginesuck Guest
    There was a guy on my JMLC course who was on the sqn, they are indeed from Lyneham he lived in Cornwall so i guess the radius might be a tad bigger...



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